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First of all, you welcome www.sonuindia.com. This is a free blog related to technology and internet. Who make you aware of internet information from time to time. The purpose of this website is to get people exposed to the Internet. We write after researching every content online. We treat all visitors in this website equally. We do not share your personal information to anyone in this blog.
In this blog, we discuss something like this: -
Online make money 
Social Tips
Tools etc.


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Hello from you before knowing about me. My name is dharasingh Bairwa. I am the owner of this blog. I blogging in Hindi and English. I took my first step in blogging last 2019. And continued learning blogging for 8 months. And now I am running my own blog. I am from a small village. I keep bringing internet information for you all in this blog. Along with this, I also run a social paltform (my follower).

name: dharasingh bairwa

Address: gangapur city, Rajasthan (india)

Email: sonuindiaggc@gmail.com

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