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Learn to what is html ? full guide

Hello friends, Sonu and I are going to talk today. You may have heard of html, whose name is a well known name in the internet world. People who are blogger, website creater, digital marketer, will know it well. In this article, today people are going to give complete information about html. Which are really amazing! Let's start.
what is html

What is html ?

Perhaps you would know that we can collect many documents inside the computer. And you will also be about the Internet. html is a subtle part of the Internet and webpages. html wave is the standard markup language for documents to be displayed in the browser. It is supported by technologies such as scripting languages ​​like css and javascript. Wave browsers receive html documents from local storage from the wave server, and documents are redirected to multimedia wave pages.

html full form 

 hypertext markup language . 
Hypertext :-

hypertext is also known as hyperlink. Which is activated by clicking. This is just a simple text. Which keeps any other text associated with it. Wave is explored by this. This feature distinguishes it from ordinary text. Any text is made hypertext by the html anchor (<a>) tags.

One feature of hyper text is that it is not liner. That is, hypertext can be activated in any order. Any image, video, audio etc. can be made hyperlink. It's called hypermedia

There are tags to define an html element, which is called html tags. These html tags define the webpage. html tags define some kind of interstitial text called markup. bold is an html tag, which makes the text in between it thicker and thicker. like :-
<b>www.sonuindia.com </b> Which will look like -www.sonuindia.com
That is, its bold markup has been done.

Language :- 
Html is a language that uses code words to create wavepages. Those are called tags. And there are also syntax of html for writing these tags. Therefore it is also a language. The syntax of html is shown below.
It has three parts. Which are respectively, Element, tags, text.
html provides a means for creating documents for text, such as structural semantics, such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, examples, etc. html language is used to create website, tool etc. And used css to give it a look. These languages ​​are simpler than java, c, c ++ etc. It is not very difficult to use. Anyone can learn this language easily. You can also hurt the browser through more links.

Html Tags :-

html elements are represented by a tag. tag introduces the content present in the page.
like ::

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Page Title</title>
<h1>My First Heading</h1>
<p>My first paragraph.</p>

Here, <! DOCTYPE html> indicates that the webpage is html.
 <h1> My First Heading </h1> This indicates the heading of the page.
<p> My first paragraph. </p> It refers to the body of the page.
Similarly other tags like <img />, <input />, <p /> provide information about the text of the document.
Wave browsers do not display html tags, but do show the effect they cause. That is, they are used to explain the content of the page. The tags are always kept inside the breacket. With the help of tags, we can create a webpage using things like image, tables, colors etc.
As comments in -html are written inside <! "........">, these comments are not visible in your browser.
Everyone has start tag and end tag except comment tags. After the start tag, the end tag is also to be written, then the browser shows it.
Similarly, tittle is written inside the header tag. like ;-
<tittle> my name is sonu bairwa </tittle>
The body tag is written after the tittle tag, within this tag, all the tags are there to attract the webpage. Used them. like :-

<body> background ="pink"text ="blue">
Hello ! How are you ?

History of  html   

html was discovered in 1980. It was discovered in geneva by physicist tim berners lee. Currently, html development is owned by an organization "world wide web consortium (w3c)". The organization now takes care of html.

html version :-

1989Tim Berners-Lee invented www
1991Tim Berners-Lee invented HTML
1993Dave Raggett drafted HTML+
1995HTML Working Group defined HTML 2.0
1997W3C Recommendation: HTML 3.2
1999W3C Recommendation: HTML 4.01
2000W3C Recommendation: XHTML 1.0
2008WHATWG HTML5 First Public Draft
2012WHATWG HTML5 Living Standard
2014W3C Recommendation: HTML5
2016W3C Candidate Recommendation: HTML 5.1
2017W3C Recommendation: HTML5.1 2nd Edition
2017W3C Recommendation: HTML5.2

html 1. 0 :-

  This version was a form of sgml -standard generalized markup language. This is the primary version of html.
In this version, the text could be structured. There were only a few tags in the version. This version was not a name, it was just called html, but later it was called html 1.0 for Subidha. Some of its tags are also used.

html  2.0 

 This edition was published in 1995. The version was named by a group IETF: -internet engineering task force. The image tag was the most important in this version.

html 3.0

Considering the excess of internet user, this version was published.

html 3.0 

Now an organization for doing the work of html language had emerged. (w3c) stated. 3.0 and 3.2 were published by w3c in 1997.


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