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how to make a google form full guide step by step

how to a make  google form

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 what is google form

 google form is a tool to create a google form. Which can be easily seen inside google drive. In fact, it is an app for google to create a form without coding, which is absolutely free. From google form, we can create forms of types like contact form, job form, quiz, survey, file upload form etc. without coding. The work of make google form is done in google drive itself. Which is a simple process. Of these forms. You can use it to get information of people. Such as: - his name, gmail id, date of birth, gender, education, job etc. All these information keep auto saving you inside google drive. By creating google form and putting it in your blog or website, you can do lead generator. Which you can use to grow your business.

 google form sign in

 If you want to know how to sign in google form, then it is a simple process. For this you have to sign in with your gmail account in google and click on + new in google drive. After clicking, you have to click on google form. Now you can edit your google form. 

2.   types of google form

If we talk about the form then it can have many types. for example

contact form

subscribe form

 Register form

 quiz form

 survey form

 data entry form

  But through google form you can create some simple forms only. Such as -contact form, quiz, survey, image, video, file etc.

make a google form

  To make google form your desktop or mobile must have chrome browser. To create google form, you have to go to google drive. Then + new, which will be written on the side, click here. Now a drop down menu will open here you have to click on google form. When your google form opens, here you get to see a blank template and some pre-customized templates. You have to click on the Blank. Now from here you can make your google form.

how to a make  google form
how to a make  google form

First of all, you have to write the name or title of google form. For this, you have to delete the untitled form and write the form name. Then write the form description. In this, you write about your form. The basic information of all these forms. Are Now your main job is done. After all this is done, you have to delete the untitled question and write your question. For example, if you want to get name, gender, education, gmail etc. through the form, then you have to write it in the questions.

 google form templates

 Yes, it is true that you can use google form templates to create a form. You get these forms in google form home itself. From where you can choose the template according to your form. But here you cannot customize the form, you can do all this in a Blank template only.

google form templates
google form templates

 google form field options

In google form there are some options to create a form. You can use the following options in the form using these.

Short answer :You can use it for short answer. Like gmail id.

paragraph  :    It is used to write more words.

checkboxes :  checkboxes are used to select one of the options. There is a tik mark box with every option in it.

multiple choice  : In this answer is given to choose one or more.

drop -Down :   Let us choose our answer from the set of options in the drop down menu.


file upload  : Here per person can speak for file upload as an answer to the question. The uploaded files use Google Drive space for the survey owner. You come Can specify which people can upload.

linear scale :   People can rate your question on a scale starting from 0 or 1. And you can rate from 2 to 10.

multiple choice grid :It becomes a grid. Of which people prefer one answer per line. Alternatively, you can limit the answer to one option per column.

tick box grid : It becomes a grid. In which one person can make one or more answer choices. Alternatively, you can limit the response to one option per column and change the row order.

date : Here the answer giver should select the date as the answer. The default is day, month, and year. Alternatively, you can include time in people's answers.

time  :  The respondent should choose the time of day or the time period.

Suggest for :-

google form header image size

 how to make google form for survey

Creating google form for a survey is an easy process. For this, first of all go to google form. Then click on the blank and start making the form. Before making survey questions, you have to write the title and description of the form.

google form for a survey
make a google form survey

 Then you have to write the questions. Like you can ask people, which of the following are the best laptops. And for the answer you can select in the drop down, which type of answer you want. Such as: short answer, multiple choice, drop down. In addition, by clicking on Required here, you can tell that it is important to give this answer. If you want to apply an image, you can apply it.

make google form for survey
how to create a google form for survey

Now click on the icon of + in the side for the next question. And write another question in the same way. And again select the types of answer. Suppose you have multiple choice, then you can write 4 answers as the answer. And people can be asked to choose from them. This way you can create a google form for survey,

make google form for survey
how to make google form for survey

 how to share a google form

 If you are thinking about creating a google form and sharing it, then it is absolutely easy to do it. First of all, you have to make your google form. And to customize the form. After all these are done, click on the previews to see the form. Then go back to the form, and click send. Then you will have such an interface open.

how to share a google form
how to share a google form

Now tik on collect email addresses, if you want to send it to someone's email, then you can send it by writing that person's email, subject, and message. Also from here you can send your form to facebook, twitter too. 

 how to create google form link

 When your google form is completely ready, now you can share it. You can share the google form in three ways. email, link, embed. So now you have to share it through the link, so after creating the form, click on send. Then click on the link. Now here you will have a link generator. Which are links to your google form. Click on collect email address. Now copy it. And paste it on your blog or website etc. In this way you can create google form link.

 how to shorten google form link

To shorten google form link, you have to follow some simple steps. When your form is completely ready, click on send. Now from here the interface will be open, from here you can share your form logo. You have to click on the link. Now your link is ready here. Must click on collect email address. Just below the link you will see the shorten url written, you have to click on its box, and the link to your form will be short.
how to shorten google form link
how to shorten google form link

 embed google form in website

Most people use google form. Who will be the owner of his website or a blog. It is used to conduct survey or lead generator from people. Here people are also used for selling their products for their information. So that people can grow their business. Now, let's talk about how to embed google form in website.

 To do this, you have to make your google form first. Then click on send. Then you will see three icons, you have to click on < > (embed) from them. Now here you will get embed html code of your google form. Must click on collect email address. Also from here you can also edit the height and width of your form. Now you have to copy this code. And you have to paste the page of your blog or website where you want to paste it. Paste that page into html code. And publish the page. In this way, you have embed your google form in the website.

embed google form in website

google form responses

When someone fill in your google form, and submit, the person's data is sent to your google drive, which is called google form responses. To see the responses, you have to go in google form, and click on the responses. Now see your google form responses here.

google form responses
google form responses

 The conclusion

In this post, we have shared what is google form to make google form and how to share it. complete well discussed. , Which are told in simple language, so that you can understand well. Thank you for reading our post.

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