google form header image size(all info.)

google form header image size 

 Are you thinking about changing your Google Form header image. Do you want to know about the size of google form header image? So read the post below correctly. In which we have given all the information about google form header image.

Before knowing about google form header image size, you should know about google form. Google form is a free tool of google, with the help of which we can create a form. This is an app found inside google drive. To learn about google form read this -how to make a google form .

google form header image size
google form header image size

The most appropriate google form header image size is 1600 to 400 px. But you should put some margin down while designing the header. Because some fixed element design is seen at the bottom.

Choose an image to setup header image. Now it will need to be harvested, but don't worry. And use google form image croper. To know all this, see below 

add google form header image

  To add an image, click on the Theme Editor. Clicking on choose image in the header.

add google form header image
add google form header image

Choose the upload image option. And upload image.

add google form header image
add google form header image

Now cut the image and choose the color to match the header image.

the image and choose the color

As the technology is developing, so is the market of technology. Now if we talk about the company making the form, then their number will be in hundreds. Some such companies are -

  Microsoft Forms, Typeform, Wufoo, Jotform, Formstack, Paperform, Formsite, Formbakery.

All these make better quality products due to competition. Suppose you have made a better quality product. Your product is great, but it can be bad.

Because a big technology can decide to give your great offer for free. Like google docs offered by google, spreadsheet has reduced microsoft's sales rate. Because microsoft takes money. He gives it in google free. Otherwise this is amazing!

Similarly, google has provided its google form service in free to create the form. Which makes it difficult for other form making company.

But even now it still works with new features like api, custom for this benefit.

The conclusion

I have discussed about google form header image size above in this post. If this post is amazing in the rest, don't forget to subscribe. Thank you

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